Wind in the service of electricity

wind turbine

Wind in the service of electricity

Did you know that every seventh man on the planet lives without electricity? Soon it will be enough to have a tree or any pole close to your household – and you will have electricity!


The first wind turbine, that is durable but lightweight at the same time, has been developed. Once installed, it generates clean energy for years with no fuel, no emissions and at no further costs. This is a highly compact micro wind turbine with rated output sufficient to cover the base load of a small household. Weighing only 30 kg, it can be mounted with a few screws. This invention will particularly benefit households in remote areas that are not covered by energy networks.

The battery is charged with a simple turbine powered by the wind, and the required electricity is generated at night, as well as in bad weather conditions. This turbine can act as an addition to any solar plant. In comparison to other big, heavy turbines which are expensive, complex or need heavy machinery to be set up, consists of just two parts – a generator with tail and metal blades with a hub.

The patented rotor is easy to install and very robust, it can not be damaged by sand, heat or salt. Ideal conditions include coastal areas or flat areas.