CTT UB hosts a number of courses and workshops that assist scientists in exploring the valorization process and specific topics related to that.

Aiming to inform researchers and industry representatives about important part that innovative research takes in economical growth and about intellectual property rights, Centre for technology transfer organizes many trainings. All training courses are free and open for all employees of University of Belgrade and private sector. Our courses present a place where you can get additional information about intellectual property, transfer of technology, commercialisation of innovation, funding etc.

Intellectual property in research

Capacity building is a key term in our training. Very practical, comprehensive and free training on intellectual property (IP) and IP rights is organized for our researchers, aiming to help them gradually develop their own strategies for protecting and managing IP.


Intellectual property in business

When starting a business, improving or purchasing a company, it’s always a good idea to check if a trademark or patent rights are required; whether some licenses already exist and how to determine what to do according to the situation. Our training gives participants a general view of technology transfer, intellectual property evaluation, and licensing principles, so they could learn how to properly access the market from the aspect of intellectual property.


Patent database search

An important and extremely demanding step in the patent protection process is to check whether such or a similar patent already exists. This is a demanding job and requires skill and patience. In our training, you will learn how to access the patent database search and how to make sure that you have done the search well.


How to Write a Business plan

A good business plan combines your planning, research, numbers, deadlines, marketing and other strategies. In the course, we will show you how to create a business plan that will list problems and your solutions for them, what is the target market, the concrete plan of all activities, who are potential partners, etc.



We know that the biggest stumbling block of every research is its financing. That’s why we designed a course that will show you where to apply for further development, protection of your innovation, which competitions exist and also how to identify a reliable investor.


Commercialisation of intellectual property

CTT organizes trainings in which it aims to help researchers from the University to commercialize their technological innovations. You can learn what are the key steps in this process, what contracts are important, and how to decide which option is the best for you (whether it is licensing to a company, the establishment of a new company that will deal with this technology, further development of technology in collaboration with the industry, etc.).


Market search

One of the key steps in the commercialization of technology is the search for the market. Is there a market for your innovation? Who would be interested in it? What would be its price? Who are your competitors? We will respond to these and many other questions together at our workshop.



It’s important that you know how to correctly build a license agreement for your technology so that you do not lose control over it. You need to be sure that confidential information will be kept away from the rest of the world. How to make sure that you will earn enough, that the technology itself will remain yours, as well as the right to withdraw the license, due to disrespect of some of the points of the contract, these are only some of the topics that you will hear about. The sooner you work with a technology transfer manager, the less likely it is to make a mistake.


Technology transfer from a point of a researcher

In the past, many researches were carried out only to increase knowledge on a topic (science for science). Today, technology transfer allows universities to show how outstanding their researchers are, because this process translates years of research into something real and tangible, from which the public, universities and inventors will benefit. In our training you will learn how to spot the commercial value of your research and how to successfully collaborate with the industry for mutual satisfaction.


Technology transfer from a point of industry

In the past companies were not very interested in collaborate with universities because they thought they had hired the best people who could do all the work they needed. But, because of the economic situation in which most companies are found today, this has changed. For companies now is much more useful to cooperate with universities, because this way they save their resources and time. In our training you will find out how to find a research team / laboratory that could help you in your business, and how to establish a cooperation that would suit your business. It is time for industry and University of Belgrade to combine their skills and achieve excellent results.


Open Innovation

Open Innovation is a concept that is highly present all around. It combines economy and science in an efficient and cost-effective way. In our training you will find out what the Open Innovation concept is; what kind of benefit do the companies have from it and what kind of benefit do the research teams have; how to find teams that can offer a solution to specific, practical problem; how CTT UB can help in finding a solution, etc.