CTT UB hosts a number of courses and workshops helping scientists master the valorization process and related topics.

CTT UB organizes a number of training courses aiming to inform researchers and representatives of industry about the crucial role of innovative research in economic growth. All trainings are free of charge and available both for the University of Belgrade personnel and the private sector. Our courses are a place where you can learn more about intellectual property, technology transfer, innovation commercialization, fundings etc.

Intellectual property in research

Capacity building is the key term. Practical, comprehensive and free training courses on intellectual property (IP) and IP rights are organized for our researchers, aiming to help them gradually develop their own strategies for protecting and managing IP.


Intellectual property in business

When starting, upgrading or buying a business, it’s always a good idea to check if trademark or patent rights are required and if there already are licenses involved in order to determine what to do according to the situation. Our trainings give participants an overview of technology transfer, intellectual property evaluation, and licensing principles, so they know the right way to approach the market from the aspect of intellectual property.


Patent database search

An important and extremely demanding step in the patent protection process is checking whether such or similar patents already exist. This is a demanding job which requires skill and patience. In our training, you will learn how to approach the patent database search and how to make sure that you have conducted the search properly.


How to Write a Business plan

A good business plan combines your planning, research, numbers, deadlines, marketing and other strategies. The training will teach you how to design a business plan to showcase the problems your work/technology/invention/innovation helps solving, the target market, the planned activities, the potential partners, etc.



The main stumbling block to every research is its financing. That’s why we designed a course to show you where to apply for funds to further develop and protect your innovation, what grants are available and also how to identify a reliable investor.


Intellectual property commercialization

CTT organizes trainings designed to help UB researchers commercialize their technological innovations, teaching the key steps in the process, what contracts are important, and how to choose the best option (licensing to a company, establishment of a dedicated company, further development in collaboration with industry partners, etc.).


Market search

One of the key steps in technology commercialization is identifying the market. Is there a market for your innovation? Who would be interested in it? How much would it cost? Who are your competitors? Together, we will answer these and many other questions at our workshop.


Technology licensing

To stay in control of your technology, it is crucial that you know how to write up a proper license agreement. You also need to make sure that confidential information will be kept safe, that you will be adequately compensated and that the technology/innovation will remain your property. Also, you need to be able to withdraw the license in case of contract infringement. The sooner you start working/get in touch with a technology transfer manager, the better your chances to stay on the safe side.


Technology transfer from the angle of researchers

In the past, research was often conducted with the sole goal of advancing knowledge on a topic (science for science). Today, technology transfer allows universities to share the excellent work of their researchers translating years of research into something real and tangible, and bringing broad-ranging benefits to the public, universities and inventors. Our training you will show you how to spot the commercial value of your research and how to establish a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration with the world of industry and business.


Technology transfer from the angle of industry and business

In the past, companies were not particularly interested in collaborating with universities considering that their own personnel were already qualified enough to do the job. Today, however, the challenges most companies are facing make it more profitable for companies to establish cooperation with universities and save resources and time. With our training you will know how to find a research team / laboratory that can help upgrade your business, and how to establish a cooperation that suits your business. It is time for industry and the University of Belgrade to combine their skills and achieve excellent results.


Open Innovation

Open Innovation is a well-known concept worldwide. It stands for combining economy and science in an efficient and cost-effective way. In our training you will find out what the Open Innovation concept is; what are the benefits for the companies and for the research teams; how to find teams for solving specific, practical problems and how CTT UB can assist you in the process.