Available technologies

Istražite neke od istaknutih tehnologija Univerziteta u Beogradu i krenite pravo ka opcijama za licenciranje.

The phytopreparations are aimed for the preventive and therapeutic purposes in human and veterinary medicine, capable to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of microbial infections and stimulate regeneration of impaired soft tissues and skin caused by bacterial and fungi infections. […]

TOC-search is a dynamic database that offers comprehensive information on global terrorist network and organized criminal. The data stored in the TOC database are classified into five main categories: terrorists, groups, organizations, supporters and actions. […]

Fungi are a major cause of disease in humans, frequently chronic and contagious. Whilst these diseases are usually superficial, patients with hematological malignancies, after transplantation or those affected with immune and metabolic disorders may develop invasive fungal disease (FD) which may lead to fatal outcome without diagnosis and treatment. […]

The solution is simple and cheaper in terms of investment than traditional furnaces, and is designed to provide efficient burning of agricultural waste in bale form, as such no additional preparation and manipulation of the biomass is needed. This invention overcomes disadvantages of classic furnaces as it enables control over the combustion process, and increases the total efficiency of the biomass utilization and decreases the levels of pollutants released[…]


Oriblettes and throat pastilles are widely used around the world as a remedy for sore throats. Researchers from The University of Belgrade have developed a novel herbal based throat pastille which can be used to prevent and treat oral cavities and pharynx inflammation in human and veterinary medicine, as well as a number of other conditions. […]

Single low cost precision instrument that can replace a variety of separate dedicated devices such as the: oscilloscope, galvanostat, potentiostat, L C and R meter, signal generator, square wave signal generator, FM signal generator, sine current and voltage generator, wobbler generator, diode and transistor characteristics measurements, and thermal analysis instruments such as DSC, DTA, TGA […]

A new type of intelligent transmitters of liquid level, use two proprietary absolute pressure sensors and high performance signal processing. The novel design overcomes usual problems caused by moisture condensation, offering high reliability, high accuracy and high repeatability. […]

For manufacturers and distributors it is important to know the viability and productivity and longevity of seeds, which can save them both time and money. UB researchers have developed a new methodology of determining seeds viability and aging, which provides various advantages […]
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