Collaborative research

Successful cooperation needs environment in which discussion and exchange of the information is assured within bounders that respect interests of all parties involved and which also provides all the needed flexibility in process of creating the results.


For that to take place, some deals have to be made, which are related to ownership and control of results of research, as well as rights to exploitation and publication.

CTT UB has experience in handling all legal and financial aspects of collaborative research. Our approach is aimed on creating partnerships that add value to all parties involved.


Collaborative research is one of the best ways to transfer knowledge. All participants are involved in research and share risks and benefits from it.

Benefits for your company:

  • Access to complementary expert knowledge.
  • Cooperation of your employees with experts from the field.
  • Possibilities offered by University’s laboratories and equipment usage.
  • Lowering of risk through cost sharing of R&D.
  • Costs of project can be co-financed from state or private programs.

CTT helps you access this service by:

  • Connecting with the best researchers according to your needs.
  • Helping you define all technical aspects of the work given.
  • Formalizing agreement with contract.
  • Providing advices related to funding and the best co-funding project.

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