Contract Research

Depending on your specific needs, contract research may be the most efficient way to capitalize on academic research. With the help of the CTT UB team, you can have specific laboratory experiments conducted or gain access to high-tech equipment, databases, rare collections and archives. You can also access our development methodologies, general public or targeted surveys, have small quantities of specific compounds and materials produced, etc. The range of options is wide.

In contract research projects you as a client define the expected results (data, materials, inventories, reports…) and the standards they should comply with (quality standards, etc.). The researchers will discuss with you what can be achieved, what is necessary to achieve it and what would be the costs.

CTT UB takes also care of the legal aspects related to contracted research, drafting necessary agreements with clauses covering intellectual property rights and ownership and use of obtained results results. Provisions regarding intellectual property rights and ownership depend on the specific activity to be conducted, the needs and the benefits of the parties involved.

Advantages for your company:

  • Innovative solutions for the improvement of goods, services or processes.
  • Research costs can be co-financed from state or private programs.

CTT UB’s assistance:

  • We connect you with the research teams most suitable for your project.
  • We help you define the technical aspects of the work to be done.
  • We formalize our agreement in writing.
  • We provide advice related to funding and the most suitable sources to co-finance your project.

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