Contracted Research

According to your needs, contract research may be the best way to gain benefits from our researchers. CTT UB can provide you special laboratory experiments, access to high-tech equipment, access to database or rear collections and archives. You can also access to our methodologies, surveys done on general public or targeted groups, as well as to production (in small quantities) of specific compounds and materials, etc. There is a wide variety of possibilities

When it comes to contract research, you, as a client, define your expectations, which results are expected (data, materials, inventory, report…) as well as which standards should be used (quality standards, etc.). Together with researchers, you can discuss about what you can expect, what needs to be done in order to deliver the required results as well as what the total cost for overall services should be.

Center for Technology Transfer takes care of all legal actions related to contracted research. We will custom agreements which will have paragraphs on intellectual property and rights of ownership on application of achieved results. Parts which are related to intellectual property and ownership will be agreed according to the needs of research and all parties involved.

Benefits for your company:

  • Innovative results for improvement of goods, services or processes.
  • Getting that are independent from any other commercial interest, apart from yours.
  • Costs of research can be co-financed from state or private programs.

How CTT UB helps you:

  • We connect you with the most suitable researchers.
  • We help you define all technical aspects of the work given.
  • We formalize agreement with contract.
  • We provide advices related to funding and the best co-funding project.

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