Technical support and consulting for companies

CTT UB provides technical support in means of creating expert teams from the University which will get the results that your company needs.

Best way to gain benefits from researcher’s expertise is to have them in your team. Researchers can improve your company with new and fresh point of view, which can lead to a brand new discoveries

technical support and consulting

CTT UB can assist you in finding right expert for your team, project or organization. When it comes to costs and contract, CTT UB will manage all legal parts of the agreement. This is way you do not have to bother yourself with additional paperwork, yours is just to collect benefit.

Benefits for your company:

  • Facilitates technological innovation processes in your company.
  • Provides independent advice.
  • Helps in the company´s decision-making.
  • The cost of the agreement can be cofunded by means of public and private programmes.

The CTT helps you access this service:

  • We put you in contact with the most suitable specialist for your request.
  • We help you to define the technical aspects of the work to be carried out.
  • We formalize the relationship by means of a private agreement regulating the project deadlines and deliverables.

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