Thanks to New Technology You Will Never Have to Worry About Expiration Date

Thanks to New Technology You Will Never Have to Worry About Expiration Date

How many times did you use the medicine for cold and were wondering whether or not its date had expired?

Duke University (based in North Carolina) researchers, managed to imprint a layer of memory the size of a postmark on a certain things like groceries, pills and clothing.

At the very core of this technology is the nano-copper based structure, which allows information to be stored on various elastic materials such as plastic, fabric, and would you believe even paper!

Practical use is what sets this innovation apart. We all know that many items in stores have a bar or RFID (radio frequency identification tag) code printed on them. Those tags register current state and availability of those items. However, it is not uncommon for certain product (like a medicine for example), to be kept in poor conditions. As a result, that medicine is not usable anymore. Using this new technology, this will not happen again. Bar code and the medicine pill will have a small layer of memory imprinted on them in order to monitor certain things like: temperature, humidity, pressure. Any changes will be quickly identified.

Though still not on the level of USB memory sticks as far as memory is concerned, there are certain similarities. New elastic memory technology, is on par with USB stick when it comes to memory transfer speed and how many times you can delete and imprint data, that is to say, there is no limit!

Researchers point out the importance of this technology in those business areas where efficiency and cost cutting are important.

Good and exciting times are ahead of us, with that in mind, we are yet to see how this new technology will further ease and improve our quality of life.