Smart students and engines from Subotica

Smart engines

Smart students and engines from Subotica

Are you more intelligent and smarter than a smart engine? Students of Subotica Tech – College of Applied Sciences with the support of AMETEK have developed a game machine which is something between pinball and table football.

The goal of the game is to play against a machine that will calculate your next move based on each of your previous moves and try to defeat you. The purpose is to show in practice all the benefits of smart engines, one of the symbols of the fourth industrial revolution.
The first industrial revolution was with a steam engine, the second with electricity, the third with computers, and the fourth industrial revolution is with artificial intelligence and smart devices. One of these smart devices is this engine from Subotica.

A smart engine will decide, without you, when to lift and when to slide blinds on the windows, depending on the position of the sun, or it will protect them from strong winds. Smart engines for blinds are just a part of the range of products from Subotica that are being delivered worldwide for installation in pumps, garages, warehouses, parking lots, metro stations… Smart engine knows its exact position, as well as the position of each component of the system, other engines and maybe even other physical systems, different mechanisms, sensors, etc.

About 2,500 different engines are being assembled or developed in AMETEK in Subotica. Students that collaborate with this firm do not have to worry about employment after graduating, they just continue working there.