Business Opportunity Self-Assessment Methodology

boss methodology

Business Opportunity Self-Assessment Methodology

Existing gap between education, research and business has inspired University of Belgrade, University of Liege and META Group to create tools which aim to strengthen the ties between these worlds. Accordingly, the Business Opportunity (BO) Self-Assessment Methodology developed within a project “Business Opportunity Support System upgrade for strengthening European innovation ecosystem” co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, anticipates all the issues either a student, researcher, teacher or an entrepreneur can face when transforming an idea or research into a business opportunity.

The Methodology is based on assessment of 6 dimensions (technology, team, market, unique value proposition, IP, financials) crucial for an objective evaluation and benchmark of a business opportunity.

By completing the self-assessment, the user becomes aware about all important points where business opportunity needs improvement and gets input needed for planning of future activities.

For more information, visit the BOSS project website.