BOLD: Program for young leaders

BOLD: Program for young leaders

Network 20/20 launched the BOLD Fellowship program, focused on the areas of entrepreneurship, youth employment, and economic development. BOLD Fellowship is an intensive academic and practical program, which provides comprehensive training in entrepreneurship and leadership to a selected group of young students and graduates from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program is implemented through a combination of experiential training and activities in New York State and virtual workshops and sessions and is intended for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to perfect their business models and develop business opportunities.

The BOLD Entrepreneurship Model consists of three components that build the framework and curriculum of the program:

  1. virtual preparatory program (two months)
  2. U.S.-based program and activities (one month)
  3. in-country refinement and growth (four months of flexible activities)

The BOLD program is an excellent opportunity for all young people who want to contribute to the development of the economy and society, with innovative ideas and practically applicable solutions!
Applications are open until December 28, 2022.

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