Project No. A05

New high-reliable and high-accurate intelligent transmitters of liquid level

The Market Opportunity

Industrial transmitters are a special kind of electronic measurement instruments intended for use in industrial processes. Transmitters of liquid level can be used to measure the level or depth of homogenous liquids in open storage tanks, vessels, wells, reservoirs or in closed tanks where the pressure above the surface of the liquid is equal to the atmospheric pressure outside.


The Invention

A new type of intelligent transmitters of liquid level, use two proprietary absolute pressure sensors and high performance signal processing. The novel design overcomes usual problems caused by moisture condensation, offering high reliability, high accuracy and high repeatability. In addition to the standard 2-wire 4 mA to 20 mA signaling, these products are capable of two-way digital communication intended for remote measurement, monitoring and adjustment. This makes the instruments compatible with both the legacy and the contemporary industrial measurement and control systems.


Project Status

There is an existing and tested prototype which will be protected by patent.


Research Group

This product was designed and developed by researchers from the University of Belgrade, Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy (Center of Microelectronic Technologies and Single Crystals).


Commercial Status

We are looking for potential licensees and collaborators to develop and commercialise the invention.


Additional information

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