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Our team is dedicated on improving relationship between science and industry, creating conditions for knowledge and technology transfer from science to business.


We know that the University of Belgrade has great projects and researchers that work on them, but when researching part is over, we get to the point of “What now?”.


We want to have personal contact with you, tell us about your project, your results, and goals, so we can help you in the best possible way.

CTT UB’s team will give everything they have to answer your questions about technology transfer, intellectual property rights, commercialization…
    • Protecting your invention
    • How to conduct a market search?
    • Procedure for patent application?
    • What is PCT? What is the difference between PCT and national patent application??
    • What is a trademark and why to protect it?
    • Copyright
    • What to do with potentially profitable innovation?

    • Licensing agreement
    • Where to search for licensing partners?
    • What is a start-up company?
    • When to think about starting a company?
    • When can an invention be patented?
    • What is a business plan and how to prepare it?
    • TTF Program- preparing project and documentation

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