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CTT UB team is fully focused on cooperation empowerment between science and enterprise. Those efforts are oriented towards creation of proper conditions in order for both technology and knowledge to be properly transferred from academia to enterprise.


Here at University of Belgrade, we have many excellent projects and researchers working on those very same projects, but when those activates come to an end, a new question arises:“WHAT NOW??”.


We want to establish a contact with you, receive input about your ongoing projects, results that you achieved, and goals that you set before you in order for us to provide you with the best support possible that is going to help you achieve your desired result.

CTT UB’s team will answer to all of your questions about technology transfer, intellectual property rights, commercialization…
    • Protecting your invention
    • How to doa market research?
    • Patent application procedures?
    • What is PCT? What is the difference between PCT and national patent application??
    • What is a trademark and why to protect it?
    • Copyright
    • What to do with potentially profitable innovation?

    • Licensing agreement
    • Where to search for licensing partners?
    • What is a start-up?
    • When to decide to start a company?
    • What is patentable invention?
    • What is a business plan and how to prepare it?
    • TTF Program- preparing project and documentation